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La Jabalina

A rousing collaboration between Andrés Alvarez and the band Orquesta Barrio Alto.

Immerse yourself in the pulsating rhythm of "La Jabalina", a powerful musical single in which I perform as a singer together with the talented band Orquesta Barrio Alto.

This song combines the styles of Colombian music - cumbia, bachata and salsa - and invites you to dance and party with its energetic melody and infectious beats.

Pa tí

"Pa tí" is a loving song that was written especially for my son. With warm melodies and sensitive lyrics, the song expresses my unconditional love and affection for him.


A unique bond between parents and children and that he will always be by my side, and to support and love him. "Pa tí" is a moving and meaningful song that celebrates the precious moments we share together and fills everyone with a warm feeling of love.

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